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Our Customers & Advocates Tell All...

Musicians ranging from the big rock and roll artists to young garage band players and older lifetime professionals all find Flite enclosures to be excellent in sound, reliability, and of course, light weight. At Flite we strive for excellence and balance. Sound quality is first. With the use of space age techniques and materials, Flite provides the ultimate sound with the least possible weight.

Sincere thanks to the following customers for their unsolicited reviews.

"When I started working with J., he told me to get one of your cabs... So glad I did..."
John Turner
J. Geils Band
The greatest gift you can give is to help realize someone's creative vision. Your cabinet helps me achieve my dream sound, and the light weight just makes everything easier. I couldn't be happier with the cab, I will gladly tell the world about the best secret in the business: Flite sound."
Marc Schonbrun
This is the best bass cab I have played. 15 inch, it’s so light, easy to transport to gigs. Lift with one hand and most of all, tone lots of it too. Now I’ve used a number of amps tube and D class, just amazing. My Metsmoke amp just rings out. Thank you so much!
"Just Perfect! If you are looking for the best bass cabs in the world you have found them. Imagine a cab that was very reasonably priced,sounded great and you could carry a pair at the same time."
14 Years Experience
Just wanted to tell you that everyone in the band (myself included) is most impressed with the cabinet. Yes, it is portable, it is light, but the most important thing is that IT SOUNDS GREAT!!! Once again, THANK YOU!"
Guillermo Mager
“Miniscule Marvels” Bass Player Magazine, Dec. 1994 “This speaker makes all the difference… Thanks!"
Howard Morgen
7-string Jazz guitarist, author
"Amazing! Overall an excellent unit and I would not hesitate to HIGHLY recommend these unique speaker cabinets to any discerning bassist."
30 Years Experience
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