Custom Hand Crafted Speaker Cabinets

About Flite Sound Innovations

custom hand crafted speaker cabinets



Gerry Suprenant

Owner & Craftsman


Woodworking since the age of six in my grandfathers shop, my journey in the industry has brought me through many aspects of the craft. From framing houses on up to creating fine furniture for home and office, many pieces finding their way around the globe. Along with a life long love for aviation, studying aircraft construction methods and materials naturally found it’s way to creating some of the finest speaker enclosures found today.

Aircraft quality construction combined with the woods and finishes of fine furniture, along with extensive, “in the box” design R&D;  results in the best FLITE has to offer.

Ultra-light, hand built one at a time, and the finest tone, make Flite an asset to any working musician.




custom built speaker cabinets

Flite Sound Innovations, Inc began in 1987 through the creativity and determination of a worn musician, who felt that lifting weights belonged at the gym. After 25-plus years of hauling heavy music gear from gig to gig, it was time for a practical change…FLITE.

Speaker cabinet designs come and go, but one fact has remained constant…Weight. Wooden cabinets are VERY heavy and the cheaper the material used, such as particle board, the heavier the enclosure. Since FLITE cabinets weigh about 50% less than conventional cabinets, it’s no wonder FLITE speaker enclosures are the world’s lightest, and at a price any musician can easily afford! FLITE enclosures can also be custom made to your specifications at little to NO extra charge over standard FLITE models.  At FLITE SOUND, we take pride in our approach to the customers needs. Whether you choose a popular standard model or a custom design, each cabinet is hand built one at a time by the same craftsman from start to finish.

So, take the work out of your play…Choose FLITE!

“Designed and handcrafted by musicians for musicians.”