Artists Using Flite Speaker Cabinets

artists using Flite speaker cabinets

Who’s Using FLITE Ultra-Lite

There are numerous artists using Flite cabinets. Whether they’ve chosen one of the standard models or a custom built cab, they all know that FLITE cabinets are a great choice for any genre and any level of expertise. Musicians from all genres and from all over the world have been choosing Flite for nearly 30 years. Beginner to advanced musicians have long recognized the FLITE advantage. Cabinets are 50% lighter than conventional cabs and the ultra light weight composite materials aid in the purest sound reproduction.

See here the Artists Using Flite Speaker Cabinets, and why you too should take the

FLITE Advantage.


Howard Morgen  7-string Jazz guitarist

Darrell Muller (Old School Freight Train)

Dan Foster  (Concrete Sky)

George Biondo  (Steppenwolf)

Manchester Orchestra

Brian Moore Guitars

Brenda Bayne

Marc Schonbrun

Ron Carter

Tony Grey

Greg Mooter

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